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domipos POS printer

D600 UE

Domipos Receipt D600 UE

  • Printing Speed: 300 mm/s
  • Dot density : 640 dots/line (203×203 DPI)
  • Printing width : Max: 80 mm, 640 dots
  • Paper feed speed Max : 300 mm/s
  • Line spacing : 3.75 mm



Printing method Direct Thermal Printing
Paper feed mode Unidirectional with friction feed
Paper eject direction Eject from top
Dot density 640 dots/line (203×203 DPI)
Printing width Max:80 mm, 640 dots
Print speed Max: 300 mm/s
Paper feed speed Max: 300 mm/s
Line spacing 3.75 mm
Print head life 150 Km, 1X108 pulse Note: The instructions are all under the laboratorial measurements with specified paper
Cutter life 1.5 million cut
Paper thickness 0.065 ~ 0.12 mm TF50KS-E (Japan paper co.ltd) Thermal roll paper model AF50KS-E (JUJO THERMAL) Width: 79.5 ±0.5 mm; 57.5 ± 0.5 mm Weight: 53 ~ 80 g/m2
Paper specification Maximum diameter: Φ83 mm Paper thickness: 0.065 ~ 0.12 mm Note: The inner diameter of paper shaft is Φ12 mm and the outer diameter of paper shaft is Φ18 mm
Character set ASCII: 13 international character sets
Interface This printer can be equipped with the following interfaces: Parallel interface: Centronics USB interface: 2.0 Full-Speed USB interface (2.0 Full-Speed) + Serial interface (RS-232C, DB9) USB interface (2.0 Full-Speed) + Ethernet interface (10/100Base-T) USB interface (2.0 Full-Speed) + Serial interface(RS-232C, DB9) + Ethernet interface (10/100Base-T) USB interface (micro) + Bluetooth Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) USB interface (micro) + Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n) Note: 1. Only one of the data interfaces is supplied when leaving the factory. 2. Please take the specific interface as standard.
Cash drawer interface RJ-11, 24V (DC)/1A
Especial function Automatic cutter, Online parameter settings, Online software upgrade
Input buffer 4 MB
Control command ESC/POS Emulation, compatible with STAR Line Mode printing commands Character printing command: Support ANK characters, user-defined characters and enlarged printing of Chinese characters 1~8 times (1-6 times enlarged printing in STAR Line Mode), can adjust character line spacing Dot image printing command: Support different densities dot images and downloading image printing, can save NV bitmap without electricity (Can save LOGO for long) Bar code Linear bar code: UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, CODE39, CODE128, ITF-25, CODABAR Two-dimension code: PDF417, QR CODE
Power Supply (AC adapter) IN Voltage: 100 ~ 240 V (AC) Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz OUT Voltage: 24 V (DC) Current: 2.5 A Input voltage: 24 V (DC) Current: 2.5 A
Power input Parameters Warning: Please use the original AC adapter only. Manufacturers have no responsibilities for the problems which are led by using unauthorized AC adapter. Temperature: 5 ~ 35℃
Environmental conditions Operating environment Humidity: 25 ~ 80%RH (No condensation) Temperature: -40 ~ 55℃ Storage environment Humidity: ≤93%RH (40℃, no condensation)
Weight Approx.1.45 kg
Noise 38 dB (A) (ISO7779 standard)
Physical dimensions 148 mm (width) × 207 mm (depth) × 135 mm (height)
Power consumption ① Operating: 40 W; ②Standby: Approximately 3.5 W Note: Only when the product is unconnected with outer power supply, can it achieve zero energy consumption state.
Code page ESC/POS (77 kinds) STAR Line Mode (42 kinds)
Control panel 1 key and 3 LED indicators
Paper type Thermal roll paper

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